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So finally feeling normal after Hurricane Irma. Even though my area was not hit dead on, there was a lot of damage around town, mostly downed trees and fences. Power was also out for nearly a week. I feel bad for the Caribbean because they got hit HARD by Irma and just now Maria. Look at the before and after (This is ONLY after Irma):

St. John, more

I am rewatching Twin Peaks and picking up on small nuggets that I can appreciate having seen the ending. Being in this certain TP group on facebook really gets many theories and ideas in everyones' heads that helps me feel better at times. There really is no explanation and I know it was Lynch's intention to not have to explain anything as we are to interpret it how we individually choose to. It's in our nature to have reasoning behind everything but some things we cannot and that is life and that is what TP was likened to. Life, and how it doesn't always add up. I've been doodling a Twin Peaks tattoo idea because I've wanted a TP tattoo for years and I'm getting the itch again. I have a $100 tattoo place gift certificate that's just burning a hole in my wallet. I hope it didn't expire because I won it years ago.

My mom had to go to the ER due to an allergic reaction to a generic medication. She does fine with it if it's name-brand but what the hell filler did they put inside to set her off? It looks like there are fleshy tea-bags under her eyes now. I know they will take over a week to go down. I had a reaction once and got one bag under my eye. It seemed to only affect half of my face, but it took a while for that to look normal again. I will spare her her dignity and refrain from posting a pic.

I'm getting the itch to start drawing portraits. We used this method in a portfolio class I had in high school in which you overlay your image of choice with a grid and then transfer it to a larger piece of paper with a larger grid to scale. Basically you draw one square at a time instead of being overwhelmed by the whole picture. I'm thinking some Twin Peaks related characters or maybe horror movie related things. Mine from high school was pretty good, it was black and white paint. I am not really at ease with paint but I may give it a shot once the basic sketch is done. But, it's not like photoshop where I can delete mistakes, so there's that. I also want to get my TP bracelets made again, I have two new 3d charms that were made from polymer clay that will be awesome lookin'.

I'm reading No Death, No Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh. It was a gift from a friend because I'd expressed I've dealt with death anxiety. The book can apply to life so it's worth a read even if you don't worry about death/dying. This is a quote that really hit home for me:
“When conditions are sufficient, we manifest. When conditions are no longer sufficient, we no longer manifest. It does not mean that we do not exist. Like radio waves without a radio, we do not manifest.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

I've always like the spacesuit analogy which is basically just like this one with other terms. We are not our bodies, we are within our bodies, like a car or a space-suit. What are your thoughts on this?

I am also reading a book called The Book Collector by Alice Thompson which I actually heard of from a dream-friend [personal profile] beautyizdead via Goodreads. I'm digging it so far! It's a short one so hope to be done today or tomorrow, time permitting. This is getting TL;DR so consider this entry at a close.
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I'd love to have all of these as posters... This artist was creating these during the TP Return.

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I have a strange head pain from the center of the back of my skull down. It feels bruised at the touch and I can also feel it when I don't touch it. As a massage therapist, I am saying "Oh your occipitalis muscles must be fucked." But since this has never happened before I will panic, lol.

ANYWAY, I needed ibuprofen to see if this would help. Of course it's not in the cabinet where I left it. My boyfriend touches things and they end up in weird places. So I am sitting at the table with my eyes closed, zoning out and rubbing my head and boom, an image flashes in my mind's eye of a cardboard box that he has under the bed. It's open and I see a pill bottle. He's looking around like crazy and I tell him to look there, and voilà!

Since I didn't put it there, I thought maybe I had a mini remote-viewing moment. Or call me crazy ;)

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One of my interests, for reasons probably stemming from understanding how our brains work, is schizophrenia. I like to watch documentaries and read memoirs of those who deal with it. Children exhibiting schizophrenia are especially interesting as they are more uncommon.

I came across this sweet gal who uses art to deal with her hallucinations. What's positive is that she is able to detect her hallucination instead of feeling as if it's real.

"This one crawls out of the vent in my ceiling and makes clicking noises, or I’ll see it crawl out from underneath things"

Zer0 Sleep

Aug. 2nd, 2017 07:36 am
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So far I haven't got a good night's sleep since checking into the hotel. Getting all the animals over was a trip, especially the cats because they cried most of the way there. One has been hiding on the bed pretty much non-stop. Neither have eaten much at all. But, tomorrow is the day we will be in our new place for good!

I found a piece of a 100$ bill in our new backyard, but sadly never found the rest of it :( Boooo!

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Friday we get a truck and move all of our stuff that won't fit in my hatchback to storage. Monday we are checking into a studio hotel with the animals for a few nights before we can move into our new place! Super excited because there is a small backyard area for the dogs. I think they should get to roam free to an extent when they are outside but they are always tethered to a leash. I may even look into a doggy door. I am also grateful for the small fenced courtyard we will have up front and most importantly, NO HOA! Here are the she-mutts:

Just started reading this and in searching for the image, I saw that it's been made into a movie with my on-screen crush Chloë Moretz :D! If you know of books along these lines, please recommend them!
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Who wants DW/LJ icons?
Tell me about some stuff you really love and I will make you a few!

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I just finished reading the start of another series (The Order of the Sanguines) called The Blood Gospel.

A soldier, a priest, and an archeologist walk into a bar... not really. They are all in Israel in an attempt to uncover the Blood Gospel, a book reportedly written by Christ in his own blood. And hey! The Bathory story is also woven into this story. There are vampires, called the Strigoi, and those called Sanguinists. The latter are priests that follow the church and drink a wine infused with Christs blood by special consecration or blessing, as opposed to human blood. This is all brought about by an old prophecy and the book ends before a new mission so I am assuming book 2 will pick right up.

Another book I am reading, published in 1887, is called Ten Days in a Mad-House written by a woman named Nellie Bly, a reporter, who fakes her way into an insane asylum in order to report her findings on the treatment of patients, etc... I instantly think Lana Winters from season 2 of American Horror Story.
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Senorita Dido
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Not the cleanest shop, but still fun :)

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I made a thing.

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I'm trying not to.
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Both of my Twin Peaks charm bracelets have sold! When I get my ducks in a row, I will reorder the charms I need to, and will be adding a new one... Jacoby's coconut! It's made with polymer clay, and I'm also ordering new cherry pies from the same artist:

I think my goal is to slowly make the charms more detailed and colorful rather than all silver plated. I may even get to the point where I make my own charms.

I plan on doing some more wood burning on the log slices, but I probably won't get those in for almost a month. I'd like to either make ornaments or pendants. I'd also like to get smaller ones and perhaps burn in runes for a set of runestones :)
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Things that are good, and I appreciate:
‡ Supportive and positive boyfriend
‡ A reliable friend in my life
‡ My car battery isn't dead after all

Things that are stressing me and need to be resolved:
‡ It's bulk trash day and they haven't removed that mattress yet
‡ Moving bullshit

Things I need to accept that I cannot change:
‡ The fact that I ate like 6-8 Reese's cookies last night
‡ How loud it is in the office today

Things I desire/goals/want vs need:
‡ Thinking of looking into an LPN program (but afraid I will fail)
‡ Get out of debt completely and save more money

Borrowed these prompts from [personal profile] missangelique999, and this was surprisingly difficult for me to fill out...

In other news, caught a new QOTSA song!
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It's so quiet right now. That's the great thing about coming in early on occasion. Not a peep will happen until about 8am. My workplace is never devoid of sound or vox-boxes. I should honestly salt the fuck out of this room, I'm surprised there isn't a poltergeist running amok from all the negative energy up in here.

Speaking of boxes, I need to arrange to get some from Barnes&Noble. Since working there YEARS ago, I've always maintained my box connect! I'm moving at the end of July and things are still up in the air. This should get interesting. I have to remind myself that the sky will not fall, and the Earth will not disappear out from under me, no matter what happens. I emailed the only rental community I could find to elaborate on their pet policy. Again, it's like pulling teeth to find landlords that will accept two LABS.

My brother has suggested I come to Maine sometime in November with his father. My mom would instantly feel left out. I bet if I said I was going alone, she would want to come with me again. Not that it was shitty at all, but when I scheduled it before she hijacked that shit! The vibe would be less stressful for my brother, but what can you do? That's up to him to work on. Besides, I would feel awkward traveling with his father all by myself. We don't have 1-on-1 time at all, and never have.

I just came across this on reddit. This is apparently honey from bees that have collected sugars from the dumpster of an M&M factory. What a lovely addition :/

Here's the full article from NatGeo

Fare thee well, for now.


Jun. 21st, 2017 11:13 am
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In the midst of making Twin Peaks jewelry, I decided to list them on an etsy store. I've never had one before but I threw a few extra things up, as well.

Check it out :)

Vampirapus on Etsy

TP Sets

Jun. 13th, 2017 04:31 pm
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New fun Twin Peaks costume jewelry I slapped together. Dale and Laura's sets.

Right click and view image to see full size
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It's complete! Message me if interested. They are $30, which includes shipping. They will come in a red velvet pouch with zig-zag ribbon, a pine wood disc with the owl cave symbol burned in, and extra jump rings.

Right-click and view image to see full size.

Charms from left to right: Jack playing card, diary, wrapped body, motorcycle, traffic light, friendship heart half, coffee mug, donut, peak mountain range, owl, cherry pie, Venus De Milo, Saturn, blue rose, queen chess piece, pine cone, guardian angel


Jun. 9th, 2017 10:25 am
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Are you filled with secrets?


Jun. 6th, 2017 10:41 am
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This silly pic I slapped together for /r/PhotoshopBattles got 1186 likes so far. It's crazy, but the ones I spend the least amount of time on get the most likes. Go fig! it must be because the "real" elephant is so adorable.

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