Apr. 25th, 2017

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It's crazy to be out and about when I'm usually unconscious and probably snoring. The blackness of the sky at 4:30am and the empty streets is kind of peaceful. The energy that everyone gives off during the busy day is so overwhelming in comparison. It's almost like existing before the rest of the world is born.

I started reading A Wrinkle in Time a few nights ago. I had the book on my shelf as a kid for years and never read it through. I must say, some visuals and vibes I'm getting from the story are genuinely creeping me out. There's a scene in which children from a neighborhood in some other place/time are all playing in unison. Balls are hitting the pavement when jumping ropes do, all feet hitting the ground at once, everything in tandem. Then mothers all simultaneously open their look-a-like houses and call for the kids and they all run up in unison. Also when anything describes a scenario where people are just propped and not moving like mannequins, I think of a few scenes from Insidious:

This doesn't really seem scary at first, but what the fuck is going on? It's funny what gets to me sometimes.


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