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So I Twin Peaks-ified an image for a photoshop group on reddit.


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I'm trying to work on dream recall so I can patch into dream-world and get lucid again. That used to happen on its own as a kid, but not so much anymore.

I took two naps in the last two days in which I was able to recall a few things easier:
I was in a mobile home that my dad lived in when I was a kid. My brother was in the kitchen and I walked down the long hall to the back side door. He had the slider opened at the front and I opened the back door to create a wind tunnel in order to "clear the spirits out".
I was in a cave-type area that was a "dungeon" from ESO (but not an actual one). Before we pulled, I was thinking in my head what I need to push on the controller to enable the weapon I wanted. So I was carrying the controller in my hands. Once the battle was over, which I have no recollection of, there were a few people standing there, NPCs, and then I looked over and my cat, Charlie, was walking away.
I was in a townhouse (all of the quads have the same layout where I live). I had a little puppy and was training him not to do his little sharp puppy-bites. I asked the puppy to give me a high five, and he did!

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Came across this oddball Lynch creation on YT. The music is awesome; reminds me of The Pink Room from the Fire Walk With Me soundtrack. The vibe of the video itself is also very Twin Peaks surreal weird. I can't say that I am a fan of Lynch's vocals at all, but to each their own!

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Just finished this psychedelic gem. The only statement I can offer after reading this is that I'd like to try mescalin. Just half of the usual dose, because that's how I do. I know I'm in the right state of mind to go on this journey ;). The fact remains... we don't grow peyote 'round these parts.

(I hope there are no Beetlejuice sand-worms here)

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Jun. 2nd, 2017 11:53 am
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I finished Heartsick by Cain. I loved it. I am already on to the second one, called Sweetheart.

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Jun. 1st, 2017 04:03 pm
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Five things I am grateful for today:
✅I'm grateful for the return of Twin Peaks
✅I'm grateful that my brother made it in safe from Maine
✅I'm grateful for dinner at mom's
✅I'm grateful for actual friends that care
✅I'm grateful for the enjoyable book series I'm reading

Something I need to let go of:
The need to make sense out of everything

Let's Rock

Jun. 1st, 2017 03:36 pm
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One of the dumbest things to get upset about is being called "ma'am" (a shortened form of "madam"). In my opinion, it's just a sign of respect and shouldn't be taken to mean that you're OLD! You wouldn't believe the amount of girls (oh, I'm sorry, women) that get their panties in a wad when someone calls them "ma'am" because: "I'm only 28, single with no kids! WTF, mate?" I guess only we can can determine how we want to react to things, but I don't think the intention is to call someone old when you call someone "ma'am". I personally will never say "miss" when addressing a female in a professional setting, regardless of age. I always say "ma'am".

All in all, these offended are only hurting themselves when they choose to get offended by any little insignificant thing. They're only inviting self-created negativity.


May. 26th, 2017 03:04 pm
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I am reading the first in a "series" called "Heartsick" by Cain. It's about a female serial killer, and her last victim which is the homicide detective that was investigating her. After he was tortured and survived, he eventually gets back to work and there's another string of murders he begins to investigate along with a reporter that is shadowing him, with his permission. I don't usually go for these stories but when I do I always enjoy them, so maybe that should tell me something. Anyway, the original seriel killer chick is still involved but I haven't gotten into the meat of that yet. If all goes well, I'd like to read the rest in what is being called the "Archie Sheridan and Gretchen Lowell" series. Those are the names of the main detective dude and the female serial killer chica. There appear to be five more.

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A musical artist from very close to where I live had a shitty concert ending when a suicide bomber hit the venue and killed over 20 people; many of them children, and many still missing. No news of any affiliation with terrorist organizations at this time, or motive, but the fact remains that it happened and pretty much renders any "reasoning" behind it null and void.

I rewatched part 1 of the new Twin Peaks and it is definitely worth repeating this episodes after going through once. It gives perspective and makes this a little less bonkers (if that is possible of a Lynch film). I plan on watching the rest of the episodes as time permits.

I have been reading books less than 100 pages to help keep up with my challenge on Goodreads. Do you think that is cheating? I mean they are books. Those among them are:

That about covers it; two of these are still in process. Not sure what to move onto next. What are you reading?
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Still absorbing; I watched all four hours of the new Twin Peaks with a free Showtime trial. My heart was literally pounding before it started. All I can say is that the first four parts of Twin peaks were like the moment before peaking on LSD, the peak, and then the evened out come-down. I was very put off during the first episode. It went right "out there". It comes together and things start to ground themselves a bit.

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This isn't anything special but I saw the cat and thought of these bugs right away :)

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The charms in my Twin Peaks bracelet shopping cart so far:

Silver plated chain charm bracelets
Silver plated jump rings

Owl • Diary • Black mug • Donut • Venus De Milo • Traffic light • Cherry pie • Mountain range (resembles twin peaks) • Wooden "log" slices that I will be burning the owl cave symbol into • Broken heart halves • Queen chess piece • Jack playing card • Blue rose • Guardian angel • Motorcycle • Pine cone • Saturn

Still shopping for:
White/black chevron & red satin ribbon, Trout?

Most of these are silver plated and I'll be accenting them with enamel paint. Please let me know if any items come to mind so I can add them to my shopping cart!


May. 16th, 2017 05:38 am
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Five things I am grateful for today:
✅I'm grateful for the time I have alone at work today
✅I'm grateful that Twin Peaks is airing in less than a week
✅I'm grateful that our animals are healthy and happy
✅I'm grateful that I woke up this morning without being hella-tired.
✅I'm grateful for time I will have to read.

Something I need to let go of:
Anxious about not having the move-in money I will need in July, or will be left with absolutely no safety-net savings.

It's hard to let go, sometimes
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I have gone completely bonkers all of a sudden by trying to gather charms to use to make my on Twin Peaks inspired charm bracelets to sell. I am having a good time looking, but it's also getting a bit expensive. I have found some for very cheap for bulk charms (around 2-10). I could get deep into it or just be vague. I will also need to make my own owl cave symbol

I did find a little mountain charm that resembles the above smbol / twin peaks mountains without the triangle emphasized in the middle, and I am having trouble finding a simple charm with the black and white chevron pattern. I'd love to incorporate a red curtain somehow, too. I am open to ideas! Also if you know where to buy bulk charms besides etsy and ebay, let me know :)

I will have to get creative here, or end up charging more than intended for these bracelets. Charms I have in my shopping cart so far: coffee mug, Venus de milo, diary, traffic light, cherry pie, owl, broken heart halves that read "forever", mountain range that resembles twin peaks. Charms I would like to add: owl cave rune, black white chevron patterned item, blue rose, a donut, pine cone, motorcycle, log, native american headress, and I am sure I can dig up many more.

As you can see, it's getting ridiculous.
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I recently picked up The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I've never embarked on an over 600 page fantasy novel but I am really enjoying this. It's easy to follow and the characters don't have a bunch of confusing names that make it hard to keep track of who's who (for me anyway). I find myself reading and reading and not wanting to take a break :)


May. 10th, 2017 02:42 pm
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Five things I am grateful for today:
✅I'm grateful for my reliable friends
✅I'm grateful that I have all of my limbs
✅I'm grateful for my creativity even if I don't always use it
✅I'm grateful I had change for that bottle of water
✅I'm grateful for books!

Something I need to let go of:
Worrying that I am going to die and devastate/burden my loved ones.


May. 8th, 2017 02:11 pm
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I have two dream-friends that regularly engage in posts on what they are grateful for. This is a good practice that I truly believe leads to a more positive outlook in the long run. When we practice to see the good in our lives, the good becomes more apparent.

Five things I am grateful for today:
✅I'm grateful that I'm not sicker than I am
✅I'm grateful that I still have my mommy
✅I'm grateful for my loving, thoughtful, and considerate boyfriend.
✅I'm grateful for my paycheck
✅I'm grateful for the furry kids in my life (pets)

Something I need to let go of:
Anxieties about moving in July because these things always work out.
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I'm sick for the second time this year, which is unusual, but the germs just become germier until one day we cannot stand.

At least there is a NEW Twin Peaks teaser showing some of our favs 25yrs later. I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing, but unless I go to my mom's to watch I won't be able to see it until the next day.

I'm reading Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. It's simple to read, and entertaining. It's also not long as hell, which I appreciate. If you love Norse mythology, definitely read it.
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So the people vote for medical marijuana in Florida and they cock-block it with a bill that bans smoking weed. Not to mention, doctors will have to Rx it rather than "recommend" it which puts them at risk of losing their federal licenses. Have they not seen the mad bank this industry is pulling in elsewhere? I thought money was the motivator in politics, no? Don't get me wrong, edibles and tinctures are great, but I don't see the logic in banning smokable forms. Just legalize it, both medical and recreational.


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