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I have a strange head pain from the center of the back of my skull down. It feels bruised at the touch and I can also feel it when I don't touch it. As a massage therapist, I am saying "Oh your occipitalis muscles must be fucked." But since this has never happened before I will panic, lol.

ANYWAY, I needed ibuprofen to see if this would help. Of course it's not in the cabinet where I left it. My boyfriend touches things and they end up in weird places. So I am sitting at the table with my eyes closed, zoning out and rubbing my head and boom, an image flashes in my mind's eye of a cardboard box that he has under the bed. It's open and I see a pill bottle. He's looking around like crazy and I tell him to look there, and voilĂ !

Since I didn't put it there, I thought maybe I had a mini remote-viewing moment. Or call me crazy ;)

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I'm trying not to.
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Things that are good, and I appreciate:
‡ Supportive and positive boyfriend
‡ A reliable friend in my life
‡ My car battery isn't dead after all

Things that are stressing me and need to be resolved:
‡ It's bulk trash day and they haven't removed that mattress yet
‡ Moving bullshit

Things I need to accept that I cannot change:
‡ The fact that I ate like 6-8 Reese's cookies last night
‡ How loud it is in the office today

Things I desire/goals/want vs need:
‡ Thinking of looking into an LPN program (but afraid I will fail)
‡ Get out of debt completely and save more money

Borrowed these prompts from [personal profile] missangelique999, and this was surprisingly difficult for me to fill out...

In other news, caught a new QOTSA song!
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I just learned that Fanta was a brand created during Nazi Germany that enabled them to get Coca-cola syrup into the country. The more you know! I dont even know if I've seen a cola-flavored Fanta.

I also learned that Christopher Columbus sold prepubescent girls to known rapists and murderers as slaves. When I was in school, they always painted the great "discoverers" in such a neutral/positive light. These people were sociopaths.


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