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One of the dumbest things to get upset about is being called "ma'am" (a shortened form of "madam"). In my opinion, it's just a sign of respect and shouldn't be taken to mean that you're OLD! You wouldn't believe the amount of girls (oh, I'm sorry, women) that get their panties in a wad when someone calls them "ma'am" because: "I'm only 28, single with no kids! WTF, mate?" I guess only we can can determine how we want to react to things, but I don't think the intention is to call someone old when you call someone "ma'am". I personally will never say "miss" when addressing a female in a professional setting, regardless of age. I always say "ma'am".

All in all, these offended are only hurting themselves when they choose to get offended by any little insignificant thing. They're only inviting self-created negativity.

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So the people vote for medical marijuana in Florida and they cock-block it with a bill that bans smoking weed. Not to mention, doctors will have to Rx it rather than "recommend" it which puts them at risk of losing their federal licenses. Have they not seen the mad bank this industry is pulling in elsewhere? I thought money was the motivator in politics, no? Don't get me wrong, edibles and tinctures are great, but I don't see the logic in banning smokable forms. Just legalize it, both medical and recreational.


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