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I finished Heartsick by Cain. I loved it. I am already on to the second one, called Sweetheart.

Archie, homicide detective, was pursuing a female serial killer, and she infiltrated the station as a consulting psychiatrist. Archie became her "last victim" and he was tortured for 10 days. She removed his spleen and sent it to his partner, she sliced and diced and put nails in his chest, she made him drink drain cleaner on the daily, but she never killed him... permanently. She actually brought him back and calmly called 911 and turned herself in. What's strange is that he continues to see her every Sunday in attempts to get her to release names and locations of other bodies as she had killed 199 they knew of. He does get more intel, but he begins to grow strange sexual fantasies including Gretchen Lowell (the killer), similar to Stockholm Syndrome. He's got a reporter that sticks with him, as he wanted the story out, even the parts about continuing to have a relationship with her, no matter what the intention. Now I am on to the next book... let's just say it starts with a bang and Gretchen escapes from prison. I have about 100 pages left.

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Hooray for good books! When I run out of my list I will be hitting up your journal for recommendations :)


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