May. 2nd, 2017

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I'd say this is a relief that science funding will not be run into the ground. Way to take civilization back hundreds of years... Anyway, congress gives Trump the cold shoulder in regards to cutting science funds. Goes to show you this guy can't do ANYTHING he wants. I'm sure a Twitter tantrum will ensue.

The lights will stay on in the federal government, and also in the countless laboratories and universities that depend on federal funding for scientific and medical research.

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I am reading "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", after having only read the children's classics version as a kid. It's a short one, and (Fun Fact!) Robert Stevenson wrote it in ten weeks time high on cocaine.

I am behind 2 books in my Goodreads reading challenge and I'm trying to "cheat" by breezing through some short novels. They are still books, are they not? I am looking for book recommendations that do not exceed 150-200 pages. IOW, novella recommendations :)
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So the people vote for medical marijuana in Florida and they cock-block it with a bill that bans smoking weed. Not to mention, doctors will have to Rx it rather than "recommend" it which puts them at risk of losing their federal licenses. Have they not seen the mad bank this industry is pulling in elsewhere? I thought money was the motivator in politics, no? Don't get me wrong, edibles and tinctures are great, but I don't see the logic in banning smokable forms. Just legalize it, both medical and recreational.


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